In a world of endless digital information, it’s hard to know what’s importantand what’s not.

It is our business to tell you – in an easy to understand and entertaining way. After our IoT courses you know what shapes your business in the near future – and how you can profit from it. We consider ourself a lighthouse in an ocean of digital information about IoT.


The IOT ONE ACADEMY is a digital campus for corporate education of employees in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also called Industry 4.0 in Germany.

The goal of the particularly practice-oriented, digital academy is to support large companies in modernizing parts of their production and administration with the latest IoT-Technologies.

The IOT ONE ACADEMY uses the latest didactic, app-based methods to enable particularly sustainable learning and a high level of learning transfer.

We have launched the official IOTA ACADEMY programs

  • The IOTA foundation has launched its first international IOTA academy program in close cooperation with the IOT1 Academy
  • The IOTA Blockchain is called Tangle , works without Blocks and Miners and is said to become the Standard Backbone of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • The app-supported learning training educates coders which are eager to start developing their applicationson IOTAs Tangle - an open source, highly scalable and zero-fee Distributed Ledger Technology. We also educate Managers who are not focused on technology but just want to understand the business value, advantages & benefits IOTA the 3rd Generation Blockchain comes with.
  • Under, the IOTA Foundation offers a selection of online trainings as well as blended trainings for coders & developers as well as managers & consultants which is fully operated by IOTONE Academy.
The digital academy concept provides personal support of experienced IOTA programmers to answer questions for the participants in real-time . In addition, the IOT ONE ACADEMY promotes the democratization of knowledge by reducing the pricing by up to 50% for private participants . We are proud and eager to extend our offers in the deep tech area to bring more people into urgently needed deep tech skills. Shortly we will add courses for DLT Enthusiasts, Futurists, Innovation Managers, Entrepreneurs and Corporate Minds (e.g. C-Level managers) as well as Tech Minds, Society Changers & Rule Breakers.

We have a large affinity to China:

  • We are the exclusive partner of the IOT ONE platform from China, which collects and presents use cases in the field of Internet 4.0.
  • We are a close partner of SmartFactory in Kunshan (near Shanghai), where more than 38 German SMEs have already very successfully set up their own production lines in order to be able to produce and sell locally.
  • We organize Learning Journeys for companies to Kunshan in order to show IIoT technologies in action on site.
  • We then offer ideation workshops to develop IIoT applications for the participants' companies.

The technological basis of the IOT ONE ACADEMY is the mobile learning platform of repeatmobile, a SaaS provider for app-based learning with customers such as Lufthansa, LSG SkyChefs, Volkswagen and Media Saturn.


With the IOT ONE ACADEMY we cover IIoT topics like Blockchain, Augmented Reality, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Smart Industry, etc. and make them easy to understand for employees of companies.

Democratize Deep Tech Skills
We want to democratize knowledge and skills about Deep Tech to make it accessible to people with generally lower financial strength than companies e.g. students or private persons. For these persons we offer a discount of about 50%. Corporates can afford to pay the prices we actually need to operate our academy.

We support low-income earners free-of charge courses (proof of low income required).

Whether high income or low income, everyone is busy today. Good to know ur courses fit into the demanding everyday lives of everyone (e.g. C-Level Managers). They still have a lasting influence on the knowledge and learning transfer of all course participants.
What do you take home with you?

Participants walk away with solid and sustainable knowledge and skills of the deep tech areas in the field of Industrial IoT, e.g. Distributed Ledger Technology, Predictive Maintenance or IIoT as well as a wide understanding, based on practical use cases and first initial ideas how to implement the IIoT technologies in their own company.

What is the duration?

The courses have a duration of 6 weeks.

What price?

Starting with 299 EUR for private participants and 599 EUR for corporations with a minimum of 10 participants and the pure digital version we offer an affordable pricing.


Why do we do this? In terms of digitization, Germany is far behind in the B2C sector - as are many other western countries. The market, which is aimed at consumers (such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.) is divided between Americans and Chinese. In the B2B sector and especially in the digitalisation of industry (also known as Industry 4.0), however, Germany still has a significant chance of maintaining its top position in the world market. But hurry is called for, there is not much time left. We want to support and help to ensure that our German economy will continue to be efficient and competitive in the future: by providing well-founded information on IIoT topics, comprehensively but easily digestible and presented in an exciting way, with a high practical relevance and a high monetary take-away value.


The IOT ONE ACADEMY uses an app-centric learning method that is used and proven in many companies today for the extra-occupational training of employees. For example, managers from management and IT departments can be trained sustainably in certain topics by using the learning app for only about 10-15 minutes per day. Learning in the app is fun and also meets the human needs of highly stressed employees.



Smart Factory Kunshan (SFK) is a Startup Factory joint venture with the Kunshan City Government, which was established in 2017 specifically for Industry 4.0. The pre-opening of the 15,000 square meter facility was in October 2018, the main opening was in November 2019. Please watch the main opening video to get an impression.

The aim of the demonstration and integration factory is to create an innovative environment for Industrial Internet of Things / Industry 4.0 from research and demonstration to employee qualification. The SFK enables international and Chinese IIoT companies to integrate and demonstrate their Industry 4.0 technologies into the real production environment of the companies that produce industrial goods for the Chinese market. Please reach out to us from IOTONE ACADEMY to help you find a contact person of the SFK.